Hello you absolute beauties! Sooooooo… Vauxhall gave us a Vauxhall Corsa for the week to record our small victories in it and boy was...

Hello you absolute beauties! Sooooooo… Vauxhall gave us a Vauxhall Corsa for the week to record our small victories in it and boy was it EPIC! From the day they dropped it off there were tons of things that went way beyond the pictures posted on our socials of finding money in the car and Dave beating Joel at the lights. Look below for our detailed run-through of our 7 days! 😄

On the first day, the rain come down hard in south London and with so much to do and no alternative transport available, the Corsa allowed us the beauty of shelter on our journeys throughout the city. Just the victory of having a car to drive when the rain pours or the when the weather changes was a blessing beyond words. ☔️

On the second day, it was gameday and we were due to head to Manchester for Matchday. We usually jump on the train for this journey which proves costly for the entire team, but the spacious Corsa was responsible for taking the entire team as well as cameras and equipment to the glorious north to film our episode. Sometimes we forget the victory of not only money saving, but also the small victory of convenience that a car like this offers. It was epic!🙌

Day three we had to top up the petrol and I had a voucher of 8p off per litre, which was a major win for us. On top of that, the car filled up on just £50! What a bargain. You guys know we don’t do anything by small or wasteful methods so getting 400+ miles out of a £50 tank was no small thing at all. We loved it! 😆

On our fourth day with the car we had a shoot to do for the NFL and SPORTbible in penny hill park, as can be see in the video on our channel. There is nothing like travelling down country roads in the early part of the week, the downside of which is the lack of network coverage available during this time, but thanks to the car’s “on-star” internal wifi, we were never away from the socials. Fully able to post the pics that we took on the way there and ever able to post our banter live and direct when it happened. Every day’s a small victory day when you have on-star… something we’ve missed since we gave the car back 😔.

Day five we took a trip down to Brighton to see Brighton play in the EFL Cup and it was glorious; fish and chips while driving along the pier with the windows down on a late summer’s sunny day, the sun beaming through the sunroof and music coming out of the in-car apple car play was an absolute dream! Not to mention the banter we had with players after the game thanks to the Corsa getting us out there. Grateful! 🏖

Our penultimate day was a sad one as we’d sort of fallen in love with all that the car had to offer and knew we had to give it back so we stocked it with supplies and headed out to hand deliver some tickets for games, stadium tours and signed shirts and boots to lucky winners of our new YouTube show “Tongue N Cheek”. Winning something is a small victory for everyone and what greater way to end our time with the car than by using it to visit some of the guys that without, we’d never have the opportunity to have the Corsa in the first place. Our subscribers are our greatest small victory, which when multiplied, makes quite a big victory. 😊

The final day saw us drive to Nando’s for a farewell meal to the Vauxhall Corsa before it got picked up. After circling the car park for space, we found a parallel parking spot that only the Corsa could fit in. After a successful manoeuvre. We exited the car to a joyous COOOOMMMMEEE OOOONNNNNNNNN and the rest is history!

The most amount of love to Vauxhall for the Corsa with which small victories became a daily occurrence for us. As we are “Cheeky”Sport, it’d only be right to say that if you guys wanted to give us a car to drive for the season in that glorious red (synonymous with the CheekySport brand) to help us get to matchday games and see fans up and down the country, we’d be more than happy to accept 😜.

Guys, be sure to get involved with Vauxhall’s Small Victory campaign by sharing your small victories with the #SmallVictories hashtag.

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