(CheekySport Best #video @theFBAs) CheekySport get David De Gea to sign a new Manchester United contract
CheekySport consistently create quality edited videos in order to give the viewer snappy, comedic and entertaining content. The format used is not like anything ever seen.  CheekySport mix banter between your favourite celebrities and your everyday football fan with a tongue and cheek style enough to make you gasp but... Read more
(Best #New vid FBA’s) Arsenal fan surrounded by celebrating Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge after Chelsea ‘s win
CheekySport should win Best #New video due to the fact that the cast have only started their video blogs since November 2014 and have created a new video strand bantering celebrities and footballers allowing them to have gained almost 700,000 total views on Youtube and 3million views from different... Read more
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